We reviewed over 40 technologies as candidates for a bio business and established companies with each 6 candidates. Now, we are successfully managing 4 companies after liquidated 1 company under the critical evaluation of technologies, and exited the other company with disposal of shares.

If the researchers who are interested in commercializing the technology have any question, please feel free to contact me. We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future.

Nano repositioning drug delivery system platform
D.R.NANO has developed a “Drug Repositioning” technology. Using this technology, we have developed a way to create nanoparticles for local treatment of breast cancer. Currently, we are developing a photosensitizer which has anti-bacterial and anti-virus effects. They target rhinitis, acne, and AMD, etc. In addition, we are developing therapeutics for Alzheimer’s Disease.
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Series B
Digital healthcare Platform Solution provider
Retimark is a company that discovers protein markers through proteomics-based platform technology and provides rapid and highly-accurate diagnostic service for blind ocular disease by developing blood-based analysis algorithm S/W using multiple reaction methods and artificial intelligence.
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Biomaterial initiative for future therapeutics
supernovabio has developed polymer based multi functional materials. Through the development of gas-generating polymer materials, we are developing novel therapies for lipolysis, anti-lipoma, and anti- liposarcoma treatment.
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Development of antibody based immunotherapy
RtAb, a biopharmaceutical company, is dedicated to discovering developing and commercializing of Biomarker-guided diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines by the use of antibody therapeutics based on new lung cancer.specific membrane protein targeting technology.
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